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David Wright


David Wright is considered a veteran of the UK Electronic music scene and one of the foremost European instrumental music composers. Founder of the AD Music label in 1989, David has been responsible for bringing many new acts to public attention. David is also co-founder of the electronic rock band 'Code Indigo' (1994) and the electronic music project 'Callisto' (2004).
He has many associations with the European electronic music scene, having worked with Klaus Schulze, Jonn Serrie, Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock, Ron Boots, Ian Boddy, Robert Fox and many more. His emotive and gently rhythmic style combines piano, synths and multilayered sounds and sometimes incorporates electric and acoustic guitars, violin, percussion and vocal textures. Often the music is laced with classical, rock, jazz and cultural influences making his albums as diverse as they are original.
His large catalogue of work is varied, covering "Romanticism", "Space Music", "Sequenced Electronic" "Ambient", "New Age" and "World" and varies in style, from long and adventurous excursions to short and ethnic influenced compositions. 

Since his first release in 1988, David has developed his own unique sound and style, that for reference purposes, can been likened to Steve Roach, Kitaro, Vangelis, Tangerine Dream, Jean Michel Jarre and Mike Oldfield while retaining an identity that is clearly his own.

With a strong reputation as a live performer, his music is regularly featured on radio playlists worldwide and has featured at The London Planetarium, Sky, Center Parks, on British and American TV and on numerous international CD compilations. 

His solo and Code Indigo music has won several prestigious European music awards, (Schallwelle and Schwingenhaun) and been nominated twice in the NAR awards in the USA. His music was first brought to public attention in the late 1980's through POEM Musikverlag in Germany. His music has been published by Notting Hill Music since 1995.

David Wright