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Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell is one of Britain’s best love-to-hate celebrities. He’s got as many women after him as he does pounds in the bank, alongside one of the best career portfolios in the world. Explore Simon’s spending habits in comparison to yours and find out where he spends all that dosh!

In a year Simon collects a cool

That’s $94,833,013 (USD)

or €71,342,316.87 (Euro)

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How do you measure up against Cowell’s annual earnings? Find out some of the places he spends his money and compare how you weigh up.

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Do you think that's kind of depressing? Well let's find out where all that money goes and what it gets spent on, just to make you feel a bit worse!

Simon Cowell splashing £750k
on his Bugatti Veyron...

is the equivalent to you
buying a small white van

Cowell dropping £7.5m
on his London home...

is the equivalent to you
buying a small white van

Simon splashing a whopping £2m
on a month-long private yacht charter...

is the equivalent to you
buying a small white van

Simon spending £250k on his
mother’s birthday party...

is the equivalent to you
buying a small white van

What could Simon’s salary

buy you each year?

6 South Pacific private islands

Figure based on an average price of £10m

40 tickets for a trip to space

With Virgin Galactic, an individual ticket cost of 250k

A suite at the Ritz, London

For 148 years at an annual cost of £403,325

Starbucks lattes

Grande sized at a cost of £2.15 each

1.6m tickets to
X Factor live

Tour tickets at a cost of
£27.50 each

1.3m Cowell signature tees

Based on Simon’s £45 Nicole Farhi white t-shirts

Some facts you might not know

about Simon

He was arrested when he was young for pretending to hijack a bus with a toy gun firing peas.

Simon’s face takes a battering from all that frowning! He admits to using botox regularly.

Let the player, play. Simon’s high profile romances are well over the double figure mark.

His first job in the music business was for his father’s company, in the EMI mail room.

Simon attended 16 schools because of bad behaviour, eventually dropping out aged 16.

He’s said that he would rather donate all his fortune to charity than to his family when he dies.

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This infographic has not been endorsed by Simon Cowell (although we forgive you if you thought it was, he has one hell of an ego!)

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